Brisbane Judges Announced!

We are delighted to announce our judges for Brisbane this year. 

Lee Constable

Lee Constable is the host of Scope, a science TV show for kids aged 7-14, produced by Network Ten in cooperation with CSIRO. Lee loves combining science with media and the arts. She was a presenter in the Questacon Science Circus in 2015 while gaining a Master of Science Communication Outreach, started a youth-run radio show called SoapBox focused on social justice and sustainability, and is the founder of Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art where scientists collaborate with street artists to communicate their research to the public though large murals that the public can watch evolve. In 2018 Lee will be one of 80 international women in science heading off with Homeward Bound on an Antarctic voyage with a focus on leadership development and addressing climate change.

Find Lee on: Twitter @Constababble, Instagram @Constababble, Facebook, and LinkedIn 


Dr Alison Rice

Prior to 2012 Dr Alison Rice trained and worked with pioneers in bone marrow transplantation developing new therapies to improve patient outcomes. Now as Research Development Manager at Griffith University Alison draws on her extensive knowledge of the biomedical research sector to identify and manage strategic research opportunities for Griffith. She is a strong advocate for women in science and provides mentorship for her staff, students and colleagues. Involved with Women In Technology since 2008, Alison joined the Board in 2015 and was appointed Co-President in 2017. As Co-President, she generates positive impact on the careers of women in science by addressing challenges faced, and creating inclusive opportunities to access resources and people. Her goal is to provide strategic leadership for all researchers to maximise their opportunities and the impact of their research.

Find Alison on: Twitter @alison_mrice and LinkedIn


Dr Siegfried Perez

Technology has always been a part of Siegfried’s geek life starting from the time he first learned programming on his Atari 1050 disk drive back in the late 1980s. When he decided to study medicine, all his aspirations in computer science took a back seat for anatomy and pharmacology books. Finally finishing his fellowship training in emergency medicine in 2015, some 18 years after high school, he decided to combine computer science with health research and begin a new journey on a PhD on data extraction of clinical data from electronic health

records. He hopes this new endeavor will improve health processes and outcomes for patients and their families.

Find Siegfried on: LinkedIn


Dr Robert McLeay

Dr. Robert McLeay founded DoseMe in April 2014 after two years of prototype development, combining his interest in modelling biological data with his background in IT to provide safer, and more effective precision dosing to patients via easy-to-use software designed for clinicians rather than researchers. Robert originally led software development teams to successfully deliver complex projects to hundreds of thousands of users before completing a PhD in Bioinformatics, using computational techniques to model and understand genetic and biological data. Robert has applied modelling and bioinformatics to a range of fields, and has published in areas including genomic data analysis, developmental biology, glioblastoma, and schizophrenia research. He combines both his medical and IT interest in DoseMe, providing access to the current best-practice dosing - precise, individualised dosing - to hospitals across Australia, the EU, and the USA.

Find Robert on: Twitter @robmcleay and LinkedIn