So you're interested in participating in Health Hack this year? Great!

We are looking for hackers, mentors and volunteers to help run the event.

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We are very happy to be able to offer free childcare at the Brisbane event this year.

Many thanks to ThoughtWorks for making this possible. 

Many thanks to ThoughtWorks for making this possible. 

If you have indicated that you are coming to the Brisbane event and you would like childcare please fill out this form to let us know some more details. In order to provide you childcare we need to know numbers by 25th of October 2017.

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Your name
Total number of children you will require childcare for
Please provide all the ages of the children you require childcare for separated by a comma
Please indicate when you will approx require childcare. We don't need you to exactly know, we just need an idea for our planning
Let us know anything else you think we may need to know. We'll be in touch with you before event so don't worry about forgetting anything