We invite you to sponsor Health Hack 2018

We are seeking partnerships with health, technology and research organisations to help make HealthHack 2018 a success. We value forward thinking companies and organizations that want to support meaningful, bottom ­up collaborations and practical innovation in healthcare and medical research.

What is HealthHack?

HealthHack was created by the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2013, in the spirit of improving access to health related data, information and tools. It’s a nonstop, 48 hour event designed to bring together software developers, designers, data analysts and visualisation gurus into working directly with researchers, health professionals and students to create innovative solutions to fascinating problems.

HealthHack turns five this year and will be held in two capital cities: Brisbane and Sydney. The event is fully planned and coordinated at a national level with dedicated site organisers working closely with their local communities to ensure the event is enjoyable, memorable and productive.

What is sponsorship used for

HealthHack is a strictly non profit, volunteer-led initiative and it’s our sponsors that allow us to provide the great community experience we’re known for including providing healthy food, childcare and, of course, exciting prizes. All contributed funds or in­ kind donations are used solely for the the production of the event and any remaining funds or donations will only be used to support future HealthHack events.


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